Professional, expert, and customer-driven employee benefits program consulting.

Shober Employee Benefit Services mission is to provide you the most comprehensive benefits program at the most competitive price. To do this we work directly with our customers and their employees to better understand their needs. Similarly, we take into account your current programs and gain valuable knowledge about what is lacking in your current programs, and what people like. The result is a solution that not only meets the fiscal needs of your company, but also the personal needs of your employees.

Our consultative approach is to review your current situation, and then apply our strategy (Four Corners of a solid employee benefits program) to develop a solution. Once this is done, we analyze the financial aspects of your program, and then negotiate the best terms for you with our broad list of strategic partners. Finally, we implement the solution and then monitor it over time to ensure its success. Key elements of our service include:

  • Gap Analysis - to better understand how your current program fails or succeeds.
  • Planning - develop a long-term strategy for employee benefits for all levels within the organization.
  • Financial Analysis - review costs, employee/employer contribution, and the best overal mix of services
  • Negotiations & Implementation - work with our strategic partners to find the best solution for your company, and then implement it.
  • Monitoring - where we monitor and manage your program, as well as facilitate end of year reporting.

The result is that you will have a greater understanding of your options for medical, dental, life, and group disability insurance. We are also confident that from this understanding you will also find enhanced benefits for your employees at a very competitive price. Please contact us or request a quote for your business.