Professional. Dedicated. Responsive. We strive to always deliver more than we have promised.

Shober Employee Benefit Services was developed from our founder's dream as a 13 year group insurance industry veteran. Working with intellectual capital from business owners, CFOs and Human Resources managers, we have helped decision makers as they struggle with the cost/benefit equation that comes at each renewal with their employee benefits package. Our objective is to share our experience and knowledge, simplifying the insurance renewal and cost maze to help clients beat trend increases in their benefits package each year. Our style is developing personal relationships with our clients, which in turn gives us the opportunity to understand needs of employers and employees as it relates to the benefits package. Simply, we employ the philosophy, “to always deliver more than what we have promised.”

We remain dedicated to bringing market advances and innovative solutions to our clients. To prepare ourselves we research the market continually for ways to offer these products to our customers. Our goal is to provide you the latest products in the market, while at the same time improve the cost/value equation that employers face today in their employee benefits program.

As we continue to expand, we are dedicated, to growing one client at a time; making sure those business owners and their employees needs have been met before moving to our next prospective or current client.

Our promise is to use creativity and market savvy to produce cost-effective and valued employee benefits for our clients.